Top Certification Programs

Top Certification Programs

  1. AMC Accredited Management Consultant ® is a registered Trademark of the IBS – Board of Standards Trademark. # 4337599
  2. CIPM Certified International Project Manager ® is a registered Trademark of the IBS – Board of Standards Hong Kong Trademark. # 302300336
  3. • CPE Certified Planning Engineer – is a registered Trademark of the IBS – Board of Standards USA Trademark.
  4. MPM Master Project Manager ® is a registered Trademark of the IBS – Board of Standards USA Trademark. (Project Engineering)
  5. CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ® is a USA and International Trademark in the European Community Reg. # 010772176
  6. MFP ® Master Financial Planner ® Charter Designation and Board Certification ® is also a Registered Trademark. # 4009142
  7. AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ® is a registered Trademark of the IBS – Board of Standards Trademark. # 4025416
  8. AMA Accredited Management Accountant ® is a registered Trademark of the IBS – Board of Standards Trademark. # 4182137
  9. CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ® is a Registered Trademark of the IBS GAFM. US United States Trademark Registration Number 4596129
  10. ChE Chartered Economist ® US United States Trademark Registration Number 4577742 – (for financial economics engineering)
  11. CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ® US United States Trademark Registration Number 4596129
  12. CRA Chartered Risk Analyst US United States Registered. Columbia University Professors Courses – Take the Risk Program Online


Top Engineering and Project Management Qualifications, Designations, and Board Certifications.

  1. MPM ® Master Project Manager – International Charter and Certification ®
  2. CIPM ® Certified International Project Manager ®
  3. PME © Project Manager E-Business ™
  4. CPE Certified Planning Engineer ™
  5. MQM Master Quality Manager ™
  6. AAPM ® Accredited Agile Project Manager ™ ( Agile Project Management Certification )
  7. Master Management Consultant ®
  8. CPRM Certified Project Risk Manager ™
  9. CPP ™ Certified Product Planner ™
  10. CHRA Chartered and Certified Human Resources Analyst ™
  11. MPC Master Professional Consultant ™
  12. COG-PM – Certified Oil and Gas Project Manager ™
  13. CLC Certified Leadership Consultant ™
  14. CMA Certified Marketing Analyst ™
  15. CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant ™
  16. CPC Certified Project Consultant ©
  17. QBC Qualified Business Coach ™
  18. CCPC Certified Construction Project Consultant ™
  19. CIPPM Certified International Project Portfolio Manager ™
  20. CPPM Certified Project Portfolio Manager ™
  21. PDM Professional Doctorate Executive VIP Program in Management – DBA Designated Business Analyst
  22. CEVMA™ Certified Earned Value Management Analyst ™ – Available only in the MENA region
  23. AMC Accredited Management Consultant ®
  24. MMC Master Management Consultant ®
  25. CPEA – Chartered / Certified Personal Executive Assistant ™
  26. CISA Certified International Information System Auditor ™
  27. ChHM Chartered Hospitality Manager or ChHM Chartered Hotel Manager
  28. MHM Master Hotel Manager
  29. MRDE Master Rooms Division Executive
  30. MHRM Master Hospitality Revenue Manager & Engineer

CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ®

Our CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ® is the world’s premier trademarked certification in Wealth Management . The CWM ® focuses on high net worth skills, communication and financial planning skills. Our CWM is an approved designation by the likes of the governments of the UAE and India and is the largest graduate society in the world for wealth management. If you have a qualifying Masters Degree or CFA/ChFC, please email your resume for admission for candidacy and approval.
Category : Wealth Management, General

AFA ® ̵#8211; Accredited Financial Analyst ®

The AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ® A chartered designation for financial analysts and managers working in finance, banking, risk management, for faculty, professors, managers & executives. This is the first financial analyst designation for those with an accredited graduate education. Masters Degree holders and PhD holders should apply direct for advanced standing and certification.

Category : Risk Management, Financial Management

ChE Chartered Economist ®

The ChE Chartered Economist ® is the Premier Economics Certification in the world for Masters Degree or Higher.
Category : Economics Management, Financial Analyst

MFP Master Financial Planner ®

The MFP ® designation is designed for Banking and Finance Executives wishing to consolidate their skills in strategic and executive financial planning techniques. It requires 3 years minimum commercial working experience.
Category : Financial Management, General

AMA – Accredited Management Consultant ®

Category : Management Consulting , Banking

MPM Master Project Manager ®

MPM Master Project Manager ® is the global gold standard for project management executives. This graduate credential is coveted worldwide by managers and executives alike. Most of the MPM members have an MBA or graduate degree already.

AMC – Accredited Management Accountant ®

For specialist financial controllers or management accountants responsible for optimizing internal performance on a cost basis, and implementing operational strategies at a cost centre level.
Category : Corporate Finance, Cost Control

CTEP ® – Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ®

CTEP ® Chartered Trust & Estate Planner ® – is the worlds first global Certification and Title Designation for Trust and Estate Planners.

Category : General, General

CIPM Certified International Project Manager ®

Our Trademarked CIPM Certified International Project Manager ® has been offered by us for over a decade. Our authentic certification from the United States is incredibly popular in Asia, Africa, EU and Arabia. Our EU offices is accredited and certifeid under ISO standards to confer this designation.

CPRM™ Certified Project Risk Manager

By attending course, you will be able to understand the importance of projects and legal scope issues in the contemporary organization. Learn the critical impact of the problem (project) definition phase on project success. Explore the three major areas of project development from a risk management perspective. Understand the role of project stakeholders in all aspects of the project. Discover how to embed the principles of risk management within the project management process and how to develop your own set of tools and techniques for optimizing project performance.

CPE™ Certified Planning Engineer

The intention of this designation is to recognize the analysts and professionals who meet demanding requirements of planning and scheduling assets of experience, education, skill, knowledge and ethical qualifications. The CPE ™ requirement is too established to recognize today’s advanced planning & engineering professionals in the industry and to fairly measure their education, skill, experience and management practices.

RBA™ Registered Business Analyst

You will explore key areas including how to understand and manage strategic business analysis, benchmarking, competitive intelligence, and analyze financial information, how to develop and implement successful organizational strategies and how to fulfill your own potential as a leader and get the most from your team.

CAML – Certified Accredited AML Officer

The premier AML Anti Money Laundering credential and charter for banking officers and managers. Using the global standardized AML knowledge base and assessment. This program is run by top companies such as Thomas Reuters Global.


CCA™ Chartered Compliance Analyst

After attending this course, you will be able to facilitate compliance for your organization and be capable of developing an organizational response to its demands. Know what drives your compliance exposure both at home and abroad. Understand the risk consequences of non-compliance. Appreciate the relationship between corporate governance and compliance, including the market expectation of that relationship. Understand the implications of Sarbanes Oxley for corporate accountability and ethical behavior. Understand how to produce a corporate compliance programme tailored to your own organization and earn how to optimize organizational structure for compliance. * Localization typically required.

CCC Certified Cost Controller – Certified in Cost Control

This course, teaches how to implement new strategies to improve your corporate performance measurement. Enhance your cost control and cost management processes. Identify different ways to calculate costs, how best to determine your company’s profitability and plan for future investments and expansion. Supply cost information for use in pricing decision making. Predict cost behavior by estimating costs. Become a Certified Cost Controller awarded by the American Academy of Financial Management.

CCA Chartered Credit Analyst

By attending this course you will be able to understand the various types of financial statements and be able to identify the components of financial statements including the balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows and reconciliation of net worth. Spread the financial statements consistently and perform ratio analysis so that trends can be identified. Perform a detailed cash flow analysis by calculating the sources and uses of funds from one accounting period to another. Prepare financial projections based upon assumptions provided by the borrower then test those assumptions by utilizing sensitivity analysis. Identify factors which may impact the ability to repay debt obligations and to document the finding in a written credit analysis memorandum. Understand how to grade a loan or establish a credit rating. Develop your own manager’s handbook and explore the implications of the global re-pricing of credit risk.

CORM™ Certified Operations Risk Manager ™

This course explores how to gain insight into operational risk management through Basel II and other approaches, Develop a definitional understanding of what operational risk management is. Analyze working models of operational risk management. Understand the importance of documentation. Envelop the skills to correctly position operational risk management within the total enterprise risk management system. Practice the implementation of operational risk management within a case study setting.

CIFRS Certified in International Financial Reporting Standards

CIFRS Certified in International Financial Reporting Standards – This course is an ideal opportunity for you to gain valuable insights and advice on the principles and application of IFRS. If you are looking at implementing IFRS or you want to remain up to date with many essential IFRS and IAS components then this is the certification for you.

CFC Certified in Financial Crimes ™

CFC Certified in Financial Crimes ™ – A specialist designation for those who have knowledge in risk management, financial crimes, compliance and anti money laundering.

CHRA Chartered Human Resources Analyst ™ & CHR Certified in Human Resources ™

CHRA Chartered Human Resources Analyst & CHR Certified in Human Resources ™ – This is a global human resources credential awarded to those who have sufficient education and testing in human resources management. Courses in 10 Cities USA http://pmrgi.com

CIPSAS – Certified International Public Sector Accounting Standards

International Accounting Standards charter certification program.

CHRPM Chartered Human Resources Project Manager

The top human resources PM credential. Offered in various nations and in major cities in the United States and Europe.

CAMC™ Certified Anti-Money Laundering Consultant

This is a cutting edge course were you will learn techniques to protect your organization against the latest money laundering and fraud techniques. Identify vulnerable and potential areas of risk and recognize potential offenders. Formulate an effective fraud prevention and anti-money laundering strategy. Minimize the effects of fraud on your company and successfully navigate the legislative landscape. Conduct good customer due diligence in non-face-to-face transactions. Discover the latest techniques for scoring the risks of customers, products and operations. Identify methods to maximize your ROI in anti-money laundering technology. Gain critical insight and practical knowledge to achieve compliance with GCC, US and EU regulations. Conduct examinations and audits of anti-money laundering programmes. Improve your company’s well-being with the tools and knowledge to create and practice value-added anti-money laundering initiatives.

CPEA – Chartered / Certified Personal Executive Assistant

The best post graduate designation for those who work for executives.

CMA Chartered Market Analyst ™

CMA Chartered Market Analyst ™ – This credential has been listed on the FINRA and US Dept of Labor websites for over a decade. This designation is a capital and investments markets analysts credential

CAM Chartered Asset Manager ™

CAM Chartered Asset Manager ™ – The CAM focuses on asset protection and asset management including risk, investments, allocation, taxes and more.

CEC ™ Certified E-Commerce Consultant ™

Must have a comprehension of e-business issued related to: eMarketing, eManagement, Entrepreneurship, e-Legal, e-Ethics, e-Finance, e-Security, eLeadership, Professionalism. A Certification Listed and Featured in the New York Times for over a Decade.

MFMS Master Financial Modeling Specialist ™

This Islamic Banking and Finance foundation program, aims at enabling the candidate to deeply understand the Islamic Banking operating system and the concepts of Islamic finance through participation in class discussions and activities. Market participant candidates are to be well-equipped with an excellent background about Islamic finance and its innovative products.

PME Project Manager E-Business

PME Project Management e-Business involves many specialized skills including: management, leadership, international law, marketing/SEO, ecommerce and IT concepts. Offered in tandem with the AAPM American Academy of Project Management.

CPAM – Chartered / Certified Pension Analyst Manager

The global designation for pension analysts and those who work for pension management companies.

CMA – Certified Marketing Analyst

The CMA is the ultimate marketing post-nominal (for marketers, business development, sales, e-marketing, social media etc.

CCO – Certified Compliance Officer ™ or CCA Chartered Compliance Analyst

The Certified Compliance Officers ™ Program is a program designed for Corporate Officers who are responsible for implementation of compliance programs internally within their corporation. It has two program formats, one for listed companies, and the other for banks and financial institutions who require Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Category : Risk Management, Banking

CRA – Certified Risk Analyst

Senior Leadership Program and Designation for Risk Specialist with 10years+ experience
Category : Risk Management, Banking

RFS Registered Financial Specialist ™

RFS Registered Financial Specialist ™ – Globally recognized credential and program. Training focuses on investments, finances, portfolio management, and financial planning.

CAMC/CAMO – Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Consultant ™

The Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Officer designation is designed for professionals involved in the policing, review and reporting of transactional elements of financial institutions and corporations.
Category : Banking, Risk Management

Int Dip Cert. WM – International Diploma Certification in Financialand Wealth Management

Int Dip WM – International Diploma Certification in Financialand Wealth Management – With Royal Society, Asia Academy, Arab Academy, or ACCE Africa
Category : Wealth Management, Asset Management

RFS – Registered Financial Specialist ™

Category : Financial Management, General

CPM – Chartered Portfolio Manager ™

Category : General, General

AAFM ® – Emerging Markets Specialist

This course Determine the essential macro-economic conditions that emerging markets need to fulfill to be considered attractive investment destinations.
Category : Markets, Economics

CITA™ Certified International Tax Analyst

A law program course covering key topics such as: Introduction to International Tax Planning : Tax Treaties Law & Planning International , (Offshore) Financial Services International , Anti-Avoidance Legislation & Jurisprudence & Advanced International Tax Planning

Category : Corporate Finance, Financial Services Sector