Board of Governors

International Board of Standards – and Board of Governors

The European USA Asia Standards Council

The Global Board has the responsibility for the graduate standards of the organization. The Board decides which accredited engineering, management and business schools along with graduates training schools to recognize as qualified educational providers. It works in conjunction with the advisory committee, composed of staff members who manage their respective divisions and chapters.

GAFM ® Board of Standards and Experts

GAFM ® Global Board of Standards and Advisory: Global Certification Standards and Quality Assurance

•Professor Dr. Roberto J. Santillán Salgado – Graduate Finance Programs at EGADE-ITESM, Monterrey Campus – Founder AAFM ® Latin & South America

•Prof. Dr. George S Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM® – GAFM CEO Global Board of Standards – Lic. Counselor of Law, Doctor Jurisprudence, and Notary Public*** – United States

•Dr. Ciro Martinez II, PhD, JD, LLM, MBA, CWM, MFP, CEC – Hon. Academic Standards – GAFM Law Certification Program

•Carl Thong, MBA, CWM ®, MFP – GAFM ® Asia (President of Asia Standards and Accreditation) – Founder AAFM ® Asia Singapore and China Chapter & Training

•Dr. Ishaq Shafiq – PhD, MFP, ChE – GAFM ® Global Advisor – USA and ACCE Economists – Quantum Consultants USA. Royal Society of Fellows Alliance – Africa, USA, Arabia

•Dr. Cornell Collins, PhD, MPM, CIPM, BCSH, CPM, CHt. – Bahamas, India and Canada – Global Advisor GAFM ® and AAPM® – India, Canada, Bahamas, West Indies

•Salvagni Enrico, Dr Eng – MSEE Chartered Environmentalist (UK), MIEnvSc Chartered Scientist (UK),MIET (UK), IPF ( F) MPM ® , FAAPM ®, CIPM ®, (USA) MI-Membre Individuel des Ingenieurs et Scientifiques de France (Cote d’Azur ), President of AAPM ® Italy EU Offices-AAPM ® EU Chapter Vice President of The Association of British Engineers in Italy Italian Representative- California University FCE – Italian Representative & Design, Technology and Management Society

•Dott. Eur Ing Iuzzolini Saverio – Chartered Environmentalist (UK), MSEE (UK),MIET (UK),IPF (F) MPM ® , FAAPM ®, CIPM ®, (USA) Membre des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France de la Côte d’Azur (IESF CA) President International of The Association of British Engineers in Italy Vice-President of AAPM ® Italy EU Offices-AAPM ® EU Chapter


What does the Board of Governors do?

The Board has the responsibility for the graduate standards of the organization. The Board decides which policies are utilized for certification requirements and assessments. The board also assesses accredited business schools, executive training centers, and laws schools to recognize them as qualified educational providers. The objective is primarily to ensure the appropriate and positive governance of the global confederation. At all times, the Board maintains compliance with various ISO accreditation standards for quality and training.


The Board of Presidential Governors meets for an annual Congress to ratify the key decisions in respect to global accreditation standards, certification protocols, quality assurance, graduate standards, and professional development content. Advisors can attend regular network meetings for updates and input into member services related issues. From time to time regional presidents and advisors may be asked to contribute to discussions regarding public policy, corporate relations, and to provide commentary to the press on the finance sector on behalf of the membership

The role of the board is to provide the following important supporting mechanisms:

  • Global Certification Standards development and strategy
  • Public relations and press opportunities
  • Strategic leadership on content/Curriculum development
  • Senior industry participation at certified events
  • Agreement on the issuance of new qualifications or designations
  • High-profile speaker participation in the Annual Congress